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Ethanol is transported by the following methods : Kegs, drums and IBCs packed in 20ft general purpose containers. Generally we can load from 16000ltr to 22125ltr per 20ft depending on the packaging configuration. Isotanks : 16000 to 24000ltrs are loaded into an isotank – depending on the isotanks capacity and rating

Part vessel loads: Generally minimum load is 4000mt
Full vessel load: 4000mt (if a small vessel with suitable stainless steel tanks is available) to much larger vessels. In vessel loads it is important to have stainless steel tanks on the vessel in order to minimise contamination of the ethanol by prior cargos.  It is also  important to check the prior cargos as some will still contaminate the ethanol despite careful cleaning

Packaging available

25ltr plastic food grade kegs
235ltr food grade hdpe drums
250ltr food grade hdpe drums
1000ltr food grade IBCs
Part Vessel loads

Minimum Order

20000ltr (1 x 20ft container load) if in drums (25ltr, 235ltr, 250ltr or a combination)