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Distillation machine

*The first person to invent the distillation machine is the chemist Jaber Bin Hayyan (721-851), it was called “alembic”. This invention was used for the distillation of fragrances and Arabic kohl. Then Arabs introduced the invention to Spain with their travels. Europeans turned it into alcohol manufacturing, and hence, the word “alcohol” originated, Kohl = Cohol. This invention had a big impact on the history of alcoholic drinks. Prior to this invention, people only drank alcohol (wine, beer) instead of distilled drinks (arrack, whisky, vodka).

*The matter of the distillation machine has a big impact on the quality of the product and the final taste in particular. Thus, it has to be made of copper because original copper is one of the most desirable materials used for the distillation of most alcoholic matters.